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Easily Manage Your Vacation Rental Property

Trekadoo is free to sign up, secure, and easy to use. One click management, easy payment collection, and more...

Easily manage your vacation rental in less than 5 minutes a day

Specifically designed for home owners with 8 or less vacation properties. Trekadoo streamlines managing with automated calendars, online booking, and one click management.
And it's 100% free to sign up!

A new life awaits you, meet Mary

Manage reservations at a glance

See the current status of all your reservations. Quickly find customers, reservation info, and balance due. Trekadoo automatically pulls and sorts the information for you.

Booking calendars update instantly

The Trekadoo online checkout process is built into our calendars. So your customers can checkout in 4 easy steps, just like booking a hotel room.

Accept credit cards, get paid faster

Trekadoo securely links to your merchant account so your customers payment deposits directly into your bank. We never touch a penny.

Straight forward pricing

Trekadoo is 100% free to sign up, and you can cancel any time. You only pay when you receive a reservation.

Finally your renters can book instantly and pay online the same way they book a flight, hotel, or rental car.

One price per reservation




home owner

*per reservation. No monthly fees

Out with the old, in with the easy

Trekadoo replaces, managing on paper calendars, payments over the phone, endless emails, and much more.

Keep your business online in one place